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View from the back yard – our mountains

It’s not often that something comes along that can really add to the ease and quality of one’s life.  A gentleman by the name of Dave Wood introduced a system that allows you, and me, to communicate with many folks at one time. The exclusive VBS [Viral Blogging System] program  can be used for civic activities, various groups or organizations, businesses, and chit chat as I have mentioned in earlier blogs and news letters. My purpose in bringing it up today is  to request that you look at it and see how it brings value to your verbal and non verbal communication. Learn  how it develops relationships with others and how easy it is to use, thus saving you time and money.

Listen my friends and you shall hear.

Listening is an art form.  Most people concentrate on “what’s in it for  me” whether it is a sales transaction or  general conversation.   I believe the  reason is that all  time is valuable. Yours and theirs, so let’s not waste it.

Not a sales pitch, but an educational tool for you.

We encourage you to join now, with no obligation-as you can cancel at any time should you choose to do so.  Not many people do, but the option is there!

$25.00 gets you started on a monthly basis.. Follow this link andsee how much you get for a small investment. 

Verbal Blogging System = “value” in relationships.

Until next time,

Lew Fisher-the gardener


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