“We all want to be seen not for the choices we made ten years ago, but for who we are today.” 
― Elaina Marie


”If you study the masters — Picasso, Jack Benny, Fred Astaire — right up to the the day they died, they were performing,” Mr. [Tony] Bennett said. ”If you are creative, you get busier as you get older.”

A few years ago I heard the folks that worked in network marketing had great difficulty transitioning to Internet marketing.  I did not really believe it at the time.  Now some 4 years later into Internet Marketing let me tell you that in most cases that I am familiar with, it is absolutely true. In the course of this journey, I learned from many friends, associates, trainers, daughter Sue and others  how to adapt  from entirely old school  to new  processes and styles. Tony Bennett reinvented his career by following his son’s advice and I also profit from Sue’s input.

“Experience counts” but only as it can be positively used to implement or illustrate  benefit to the  user in the current marketplace or situation. My take is that Experience brings wisdom which broadens the perspective of the holder in making decisions.

My first encounter with direct marketing was way back in the late 50’s with Amway.  Good products, but my time was limited due to a corporate job and I could not do much more than use the product. But the future as described by Jay VanAndel and Rich DeVos was intriguing to say the least.

Time went on and in the corporate world I progressed from training level positions to principal of my own consulting company. Over the  years  I held administrative positions in the manufacturing, health, service, insurance, and related business organizations.  This strengthened my understanding of the others fellas perspective and position

 I’m a guy long on experience, with a tad of wisdom, a smattering of humility, a tempered ego, consistent drive, and a desire to help folks ,who want more freedom and flexibility in their life.

We continuously strive to help others in business practices and personal development using Internet systems for faster more complete fulfilment. Our experience as consultants in a variety of business venues has positioned us well.  Our direct sales and on/offline experience includes   association with the same people from 1987-2014 in a continuum of their growing businesses.  For the past  four years we have been directly involved with learning, using and teaching Internet marketing practices complimented with our previous life and business  experiences.

We enjoy the scenery in a variety of locales, cruise, travel a bit, and just kick back as time allows. That’s not bad activity for someone recently dubbed “the Old Feller.” One group dubbed me “Yoda.” An exaggeration but I was flattered! Now that our “techi” daughter has joined with us we are right up to speed in our community. Daughter Sue brings a wealth of knowledge and current practices to our group.

We enjoy helping people and have participated in many civic, community, health, wellness, service, business organizations and groups.  Due to my age and health infirmities I seldom do “stand up” but find that on line conferencing, blogging, Zoom, Skype, and similar techniques allows us spread the word and improves our communication.

On these pages you can follow our blogs.  Ask us about subjects that interest you, or if you have questions about something ask from any posting.

Until next time,


Lewis  H  Fisher


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