An Abundance of Information We ALL Can Use

Do you remember the  “good ole

days” when this epitomized the

sales game?


Like they say   ” You’ve come a long way baby.”   I do remember when the store fronts for new and used cars, trucks, boats, tractors, and many other items were just like the picture.

Now it’s iphones, ipads, screen shots, air conditioning, cushy chairs, coffee and.., corporate training – both online and in person,  plus the advantage of teamwork.

There truly are golden nuggets in the new way of doing things.  First and foremost is:



Be a product of the product ( know your stuff)

Follow the Corporate culture (This is how and why we do it at _____)

Read, (30 minutes/day)

Send at least 1 blog per week to all of your customers and prospects. (Out of sight is out of mind.) 

 Last, but not least join our blog group and see how we can help you. Send me a friend request or PM me Lewis H Fisher  for more information.


Until next time,


P.S. I’m NOT in the picture – don’t even know the guy. 

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