Guiding Booklet About Living Life Positively

” But my life is just one problem after another.!” “Of course it is—that’s life.”

“….it took me a long time to realize that at least some of these problems were of my own making………….I finally learned that you cannot help people unless they really need help, are willing to be helped, want you to help them, and ask you to help them. Even then you can only help them to help themselves.”

Acceptance– The way to serenity and peace of mind

When I had stage 3 cancer a  few years ago, the doctors said ” we can’t cure it, but we can do our best to control it.”

I thought of this booklet which I first read some 40+ years earlier. Today I wish to share it with you.

  1. Vincent P. Collins did a marvelous job writing Acceptance The way to serenity and peace of mind, in my opinion. I firmly believe that my self designed mantra during the dark days of surgery and recovery stemmed from my never forgetting the advice of this writing. The mantra, which I repeated daily, and many times more often, [I still do] went like this. “ I will strive to stay alive following Good Orderly Direction.” Now, I am not a ‘holy roller’, but I do believe there is a power greater than one’s self guiding our lives.

    I have spent a lifetime, trying to be unselfish, thinking of everyone else first, myself last,and try to please everybody. It just doesn’t work. Neither you nor I can can please everybody and generally nobody’s pleased regardless of your efforts or mine.

    “Charity begins at home, and enlightened self interest is a basic endowment of human nature.” so says the author.

    Our motivation today is still helping folks. Our efforts, teaching, coaching, mentoring and working with like minded folks is most rewarding for all parties.  You are invited to join with us. Click here  and  private message me.

    There is much more in the book. For the address, email, etc. contact me.

     Until next time,

    Lewis H Fisher –

    “as you sow, so shall you reap.”


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