Ho,Ho,Ho Want More Get Up & Go For the Holidays?

The days and nights have become chilly and it’s time to pick out the tree. Unless it’s stored in the attic or some other warm place to be used each year-like at our house these days.

We still put up outside decorations, but start a little earlier and try to avoid the cold weather.  We just don’t turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving.

Now it’s Black Friday – quite a day, as we set off to join the fray. Don’t get up as early as we used to – but it is early when we quit ’cause we’re all through. (For today anyway.)

Here’s a tip that we use to keep going until the big day.  Use this for a Happy and healthy holiday for you  helping this fella on his way.

Merry Christmas and  Happy Holidays,

Lew, Sue and Bobbi Fisher

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