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Close mouth, open ears and truly hear what the other party is saying. That is the art of conversation.  In my many years of attending seminars , conversing with people, resolving issues, and generally chatting I have discovered why folks say “conversation is a lost art.”  If you don’t truly hear what the other  party is saying you miss their point.  In many cases, if you miss their point, you miss your opportunity to contribute. Sometimes “not hearing” is because we are thinking of what we are going to say next and consequently we are not paying attention. Sometimes it is due to an infirmity such as hearing loss, thus complicating the  conversation.  In my case I have been accused of both. In my later years, like today,  hearing loss is a great impediment to well meaning conversation.  Thus, I love the ease of this blogging system.


 Meet The Need

Let us go back a few years, to when I could hear better, and was involved in training and closing techniques. One day I went over to help an experienced salesperson close a car deal.   A gentleman and his wife wanted to purchase a new car.  They had selected the car,  it had the equipment they wanted,  and was  the right color for their tastes. I re-introduced myself and sat down to chat.  After asking a couple of innocuous questions I detected some hesitation in their  conversation regarding money.  They had stressed  earlier that “this was a cash deal, the money was in the bank.”  The salesperson had stressed this point to me several times  throughout our earlier conversations. 

I asked  both the husband and wife if they had any other use for the money. “Bingo,”  the husband had wanted to take his wife on a cruise.  The wife said ” we are getting older and might need the money for health considerations.” Ah hah, the underlying reason  for the hesitation had nothing to do with the car itself. The question in the purchasers mind was ” best use of their cash”.  I then asked them if they would mind telling me how much interest they were getting on the cash in the  bank. They answered 6%.    I then asked if they would mind if I made a suggestion as to a way they might cover all considerations.   I presented a 1.9% financing alternative which could be paid off at any time without a penalty. That way they would be earning a net of 4% on their cash, i.e. 6% less 1.9% for the car financing, and have the cash in the bank allowing them flexibility in the use of the money as required, or desired.   


Several weeks later the Salesperson came up to me and told me …”that the reason they bought the car was because I was sincere, listened to them, addressed their concerns, and led them to a satisfactory and sensible resolution of their money considerations.”   They  had shared that information  with the salesman the night before at the dinner table!

For those of you who just might be old enough to remember this, I leave you today with  ” Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere…..”     

Would you like to stay at home, make some money, converse  by blogging,  or do other fun stuff  while putting the cash in the bank (like my customers)?  

Until next time,

Lew Fisher- the gardener

“ you sow, so shall you reap.”

8 thoughts on “Listen and Learn”

  1. Lewis, thought you made a great point here. Conversation is a vital part of what causes us to engage with the world around us… unfortunately with the technology age there is an increase disconnect.

    Listening is certainly the most important part… that’s why we have two ears and only one mouth.

    Keep blogging!

    1. Great point. The thing I like about face to face conversation is to be able to see facial expression and body language. Technology is quick, but allows for disconnects. Keep on talking and blogging. Thanks for your input.

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