How to "Listen and Learn"


One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.     — Bryant H. Mcgill

“Information Please” is the purpose of your question in preliminary conversation.

What prompted you to call us today, stop in today, text us today, or check us out on the Internet?  A question such as  What brought you to us?  This opens up a conversation between the parties.

Be yourself.  Sincerely listen to what information is being given to you. This information will set the direction  you will go.  The 4 “W’s” work well for me.

1. What– do you do for a living?  What do you want to find out? What do you—?

Warm them up by talking about their interests.

2. Why–  did you contact us?  Why is that important to you?  Why do you ask?  Why will it benefit you?  etc.

Determine the purpose of his/her contacting you  and just maybe what they  want to know.

3. Where– have you looked for—-?  Where will you use the product?

4. When– do you need it?

images roadway

The foregoing steps pave the way to resolve the concerns of the interested party.  Stay on the road to a solution. They show interest on your part.  

From your conversation, based upon the preceding discussion, you should have a pretty good idea of want they are looking for, how they will use it, when they want it, and why.  Most all of the aspects of information have been answered to allow you to make a recommendation now.  (Trial close-test the water for rapport.)   A good time to tell a story that relates the something the purchaser, prospect, customer, or inquirer said.  If you don’t have one, use one you may have heard from a friend or teammate.

For instance I like to use a phase I developed many years ago somewhere along here.  ” You know Mr. ____ I have learned that by slowing down to gather all of the information we have been discussing [regardless of the means] today actually allows us to speed up the resolution of the problem.  I believe——————can actually save you money or perhaps make you money in your business. [Depending upon the subject matter and what he/she wants to accomplish]

“Let me show you how.” or “Here’s what I suggest we do.” is a great way to meet the customer’s  or prospects need.

Until next time,

Lew Fisher

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