My Glass Is 1/2 Full — What’s Yours?

The Journey Begins With the First Step

If you are a beginner, thinking about entering the Internet Marketing arena we have some suggestions that you might use. It has been my experience that a positive perspective takes me a lot farther than a passive, or negative outlook. We will share some tips to meet the challenges and rewards to be gained in the journey.

You see, I am a “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel” sort of a guy. However, I realize that to see that light one must have an objective in his or her mind.  What do you want to accomplish? You must plan, analyze, execute, review, and improve upon the steps you are taking, or going to take, to achieve your long term objective known as your “vision.”.  I wish to share some of the  pitfalls, pratfalls,and challenges I have encountered in my journey of nearly 3 decades in the network and corporate marketing venues.  Yes, I learned a lot and hopefully you can benefit from my experiences. It has been fun, rewarding, interesting,frustrating, exciting, and provides me with the platform from which I teach and coach. Nothing makes me feel better than watching someone succeed  and achieve their dream.

The children’s book  The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper,  has always been an inspiration to me. Silly as that may seem, the power of positive thinking  and  an “I can do it” attitude is fundamental, in my mind, to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  It should be coupled with preparation for the task ahead. The first step in getting underway is to realistically determine what your vision of your future is. The achievement of your vision is your goal. This is the light at the end of your tunnel.

 We’re Underway  To a Bright New Day     

Once you have determined what you want your future to be it’s time to get moving forward, either part-time or full time as your circumstances warrant. In my early days in the  business we were told to purchase some products, or a kit, learn the products, make a list of our friends and families and tell them what we do. Also sell them something if they would like to buy it.  Somewhere along the line we introduced  these folks to the income opportunities available with us and XYZ company. The approach was  all the same with variations depending upon the organization.  This went on for years, and is still prevalent in many companies. However today, there is a better way saving you time, money and effort.

To attain your vision of the future,  you should access your progress at certain realistic intervals.  Today there are many on line tools to help you. Be pliable, if you miss a scheduled date see what adjustments you should make to get it done. Our community is loaded with experienced, qualified people willing to lend advice via webinars, Q & A hangouts, podcasts, events,  and last but not least one on one personal conversations to address your concerns, problems, or techniques.  Many are FREE and done in the spirit of industry and personal improvement.  Ours is a big tent and there is a place for those truly wanting it.

 A Positive Mindset & Plan of Action Get Us Where We Are Going

These short term achievements and accomplishments-yardsticks if you will,  give us some  “wins” along the way,  By reaching our short term goals we stay on pace to reach our long range vision or goal.  It also builds our confidence as we go along. Today we have a system to follow for easier, faster, more comprehensive  and personalized marketing techniques.  No more ” if you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there.” We encourage you, and ourselves, to review our long term goal periodically so we don’t get caught up in the trees and miss the forest. Our purpose is to share the adventure and the fun while we build a lifestyle, (overworked word)  for anyone who desires the freedom of self determination and action.  I truly  believe that if you can dream, you can achieve.  It does not mean that you can forego the necessary preparation, planning, execution-there’s that word again- and measurement to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.  The system, following what the other successful people are doing, makes the journey much easier and rewarding for many reasons. The resources are available  to you today through technology and our caring community. I’m not a techi, but I get the help I need and I’m learning.  So  can you! 

  What Do We Do Now?

Like many of you, our lives have been disrupted by many challenges in the past few months. You might say ” our plate is overloaded.”  So we re-accessed our activities.

   1.   We slowed down to speed up. A favorite saying I have used for years in training.  It works !  Dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”. Review your status and re adjust to meet your availability.  

   2.  Set up, or revise your plan of action. Do the necessary  and important things that move you  forward.

   3.  Use your resources: people, products and processes to make your job easier and more productive.

   4.  Execute the things that must be done daily .

   5.  Plan to have a nice day everyday. 

Until next time,

Lewis Fisher-the gardener

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9 thoughts on “My Glass Is 1/2 Full — What’s Yours?”

    1. Thank you Cathy. like they said on the old A Team TV show. ” It’s great when a plan comes together” Positivety helps.

  1. People think I am weird because I don’t see the glass as 1/2 full or half empty because I see it as full you just don’t see all of it. 🙂

    1. Greg, You are correct as the glass is partially filled with liquid and the remainder is filled with air. However for the sake of the illustration as to being positive or negative in one’s approach the 1/2 full illustration is intended to illustrate the same. Thanks for being so astute.

  2. My Glass is always FULL…:) How come…Because If it has water or fluid in it or whatever at the halfway point, Then the rest is filled with Air…An extremely important life resource. who can survive without air lol!

    So see my glass is always full. But In Business parlance. It means I am always positive of my outcomes and look at my actions as more tan ample. I am always looking for the best version of me. I am always looking to improve how I serve others.

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