Our Future Begins Today – Here’s a Great Way To Deal With It.

Let’s consider  some options:

Is Social Security the answer?

Most people see Social Security as a contract between you and the government. You pay money into the system and they pay it back at a later date.
Guaranteed by law?  Not really.
Everyone knows you must pay your Social Security taxes. You have no choice. It comes out of your paycheck automatically.
But did you know the government isn’t under the same rigid contract?
In fact, according to a ruling of the United States Supreme Court in 1960, the federal government is under NO obligation to pay you a Social Security check.
This came as a surprise to me-how about you?
The Congress knows this.  They choose not to mention it to you and me. Are these funds their safety net?  I wonder.
Remember “..  you can fool me once……….“
They could use this little-known legal precedent to quietly dismantle the Social Security program…
“They may have already taken their first shot. Starting in 2016, they’re taking away three years’ worth of Social Security benefits from 32 million Americans.” [from Palm Beach Research Group]  You’ve probably seen the advertisements to get some extra money if you were born  before 1969 and move fast to get on board. It expires forever in a few weeks.”

I believe that if it’s going to be, its up to me. 

I’m doing something about it for my family and lot’s of other people. A couple of years ago I decided to investigate a better way to market my knowledge, and  30 + years business experience, to folks interested in internet marketing platforms. My purpose is to introduce beginners and experienced performers to an easier, more productive, and inclusive method of showing their wares and services to others. They also can make money if they choose to.The best part of the instruction, and sourcing, is the wonderfully large community of our team members who share their knowledge with each other. Together we grow faster, stronger, and more proficient with each active day. You too can take advantage of  these strategies. 

Why do I share this with you today?

1. It is a great source of residual income for folks of all ages. (see our income disclaimer)

2. It keeps me (and you) healthy through interaction and activity. I like it because it keeps me abreast of new stuff while having fun.

3. For the  first time in my career there is a complete total Learn, Earn and Prosper program  that works and is “done for you in a box.” You don’t have to be a techie. I certainly wasn’t and still am not. The simple instructions we have access to provides the most direct answers to our questions. This allows us to do more in less time. The help, support and guidance we provide each other works like the old barter system and we all learn and prosper.

4. “Timing is everything.”  2019 offers more opportunity, more comprehensive programs and practices, and a broader spectrum of positive input for each of us at all levels of activity. Additionally, the compensation each person can earn from home, or most anywhere, is truly mind boggling. Not everyone will earn great sums, but many have. The door is wide open and the time is now!

5. Learn how you can increase your income and teach others to do the same. Make new friends from all walks of life. You depend on your efforts, with our help and training, to win the freedom you so richly deserve. See how to achieve your personal and financial goals. Learn how you too can attain personal and family freedom on your terms .

6.  More new features are being introduced periodically for the benefit of each of us. We have known of Paul for several years. Our partner Sue Fisher is a franchise Leader on Paul’s team.  They have consistently brought forth  programs that are credible, interesting, easily understood and actionable.  Message Lewis H Fisher and get a FREE membership.

Thanks, for your time. We’ll see you on the inside,

Lew and Sue Fisher

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