Proficiency Takes Practice For Great Results

Do you play golf or tennis?

If so,  you know that each golf club is designed for a certain purpose. In tennis each style of swing is to place the ball  where you want it in your opponent’s court. In either sport, as in life, it requires practice to achieve the results you seek. Additionally, having a good coach, mentor, or instructor with the proper tools and direction, provides a platform for success.

Early in my career one of my mentors told me it doesn’t matter whether you focus on the product or the program in your presentation. What matters is your doing it the way you learned it.  “Preach what you have practiced”  is my way of remembering his advice. Everyone needs good coaches, mentors, and instruction along the way to guide them in the right direction.  That’s where we come in.

We are proud to participate in, and be part of, the fastest growing Team in our community.  Our band of achievers is  dubbed “the gardeners group” as we believe that ‘ you sow, so shall you reap.’  We personally have received  many very helpful tips, suggestions and materials from members of the group and the community which have saved us untold amounts of time and money. 

If you believe “practice makes perfect;” nothing worthwhile is achieved without effort;  following a system is the best way to go; and making money online is a virtuous endeavor  then come along with us. Click here to see how you too can attain personal and family freedom on your terms.

Until next time,

Lew and Sue Fisher

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10 thoughts on “Proficiency Takes Practice For Great Results”

  1. Indeed, practice what you preach John. Great advice in this business. and as you say, there is nothing like a community of like-minded people with whom you can share ideas and from whom you can help when needed.

    1. “Many hands make light work”, my Mother used to say. Also there is strength in numbers. Our community offers a network of support and association that is unparalleled in my 30 years in the business. Glad to have folks like you to share and compare. Bolsters all of our efforts.

  2. Well my husband and I are golfers Lew and that game requires a lot of practice! lol The more we learn and do something, the more knowledge and experience we gain. Giving us the confidence to keep hitting that ball to win! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

    1. You guys are a great inspiration to many of us. Confidence comes from understanding and implementation. As for golf my back decided it would become a distant memory. So we now try to help others succeed.

  3. Some good tips you offer here Lewis, Love the concept of a great Mentor and Preaching what you know and do it again and again. Gardeners are patient people. They know there is a season for everything. A season To Turn the ground, Sow, Nurture, Weed and Harvest…All in their own patience and doing the right actions in ten right season is key!

    1. Tending the garden generally brings positive results. It’s when you let the weeds( poor practices and thoughts) enter that the results are less than desired. Always good to hear from you Julie.

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