Guiding Booklet About Living Life Positively

” But my life is just one problem after another.!” “Of course it is—that’s life.”

“….it took me a long time to realize that at least some of these problems were of my own making………….I finally learned that you cannot help people unless they really need help, are willing to be helped want you to help them, and ask you to help them. Even then you can only help them to help themselves.”

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How Cancer Has Impacted My Life

Although I have written a few words with regard to Cancer and it’s effect on my life there is more to say. Not, to dwell on the experience as misfortune, but to recognize what many of us have endured, fought through, and survived from, on our way to a more fruitful life. We have learned things that and how to deal with, that never crossed our minds before this test of will and perseverance.

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