Understanding " Why" is a necessary ingredient for Success.

Our “Why.”

For several years, my Associates and I  have been involved in network marketing, direct sales, coaching, training, and adminstration of  business activities.  Our purpose, in continuing  at this time, is to help folks develop their skills so that they too may have the opportunity to do what they would like to do, make money, enjoy good health,  spend valuable time with their families, and follow their own pursuits.

It is our understanding that you would like to make money from home; make changes in your current employment situation; gain extra income;  do something that is personally rewarding,  or meet the following goals..

Pay off student loans using extra “income.”

Supplement your retirement income.

Build a “cruise”  or “vacation”  kitty.

Develop, or use your talents, from home, due to infirmeties or constraints.

Whatever Your Reason

We encourage you to  take the time to take the “trial.”  See how easy, educational, inexpensive ($7.00 bucks), and simple this program is.  Don’t like it, forget it!  Like it, come grow with it!    The time is now. Get a cup of coffee, relax, and watch the video. https://isuccessformula.com/chris/?id=thegardener

The journey begins with the first step-take it now!

Until next time,

Lew Fisher-the gardener

“As you sow, so shall you reap.”



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